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Ruff and Tumble

Ruff and Tumble - DRYING MITTS

Ruff and Tumble - DRYING MITTS

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Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Mitts

Super Lightweight Dog Drying Mitts | Super Absorbent Double Thickness Cotton Towelling

These Drying Mitts from Ruff & Tumble offer an excellent solution for those unwanted paw prints! We have all had dog paw prints where we don't want them: clean floors at home, new sofas, on the car seats and in the car boot!

Dealing with your dogs wet and muddy paws after an outdoor walk is a part of being a dog owner, and it should be something we enjoy and do not dread when we return home.

Save time, effort and mess with a pair of Ruff & Tumble Dog Drying Mitts. Specially designed for cleaning and drying your pets paws, legs and body after wet or muddy adventures whilst keeping you and your belongings clean and dry.


Dog Drying Mitts for Paws & Legs

Why this is great for adventures:

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