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Ruff and Tumble

Ruff and Tumble - BRICK RED

Ruff and Tumble - BRICK RED

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Firstly before all of the usual product description we have tried and tested this with our spaniel Bee who like many others likes every puddle or bit of mud that can be found on a walk, whether that be diving through hedges or manages to find the muddiest puddles. Our routine then is to come home give the dogs a quick blast down and a quick towel dry. Well we have now had this Drying coat for over 3 months and have used it regular and have found it takes the stress out of worrying she is cold and we just pop this on instead of towelling and she is comfortable while slowly drying too. We have found this washes up fab and just keeps improving with use and were soon going to invest so we have one for each of the dogs as it does take so much stress away of worrying about the dogs muscles after a cold wet walk! 

Sizing Bee wears a medium she runs at medium in agility and is a fair sized working cocker these are generally nice and generous for the sizing there is also a size guide but we found in general Terriers are small Cockers / Spaniels Medium and collies sized dogs large 

  • Fast drying dog coat.
  • Microfibre towelling.
  • Adjustable fitting.
  • Designed to be comfortable and warm.
  • Available in 1 colour, Brick Red.
  • Available in  size, Small
  • Use chart image to calculate correct size.


Our Fastest Drying Dog Towel by Mutt and Bailey, after a life time of living with dogs by the coast in Sunny Bridlington and bringing wet dogs’ home from a run on the beach and no matter how many old towels we donated to the dogs, could we manage to dry the dog enough to allow them to run riot in our homes, shaking and rubbing them self’s dry up against sofas or chairs. So, after many trials and mock ups of different dog towels we finally settled on our Mutt and Bailey Dog Drying Coat. So once the coat has been fitted our dog could be as wild as it wished shaking to dry itself but only speeding up the drying process.

LET YOUR DOG DRY ITS SELF: Mutt and Baileys original Dog Drying Coat has been carefully designed to comfort your pet when they are wet and cold after having fun outdoors. Our Drying Robe simply fits over your dog’s head and with our under-belly body wrap it can be adjusted to be the perfect fit. Once fitted let your dog carry on as it was before and our coat will do the work as your dog moves, within minutes your wet dog will be dry again.

MICROFIBRE: Our coats have been made out of the highest quality Microfibre Towelling doubled up, bringing all of the qualities of Microfibre into a Dog Towel making this one of the most efficient ways of drying for dog.

ADJUSTABLE & FITS MOST BREEDS: Sizing is hard as Dogs are same as human’s, heritage does not always dictate the size of clothing, we have tried our hardest to reduce the size options with our clever adjustable Velcro around the tummy of your dog and the adjustable neck collar. Please use our size guide in conjunction with the pictures,our description and your knowledge of your dogs sizing.

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON: Not only is the Mutt and Bailey Dog Dressing Gown the best Original Dog Towel Coat on the market, it also works as an anti-anxiety dog coat keeping your dog calm when they’re feeling nervous. Because of the double thickness towelling, it also helps with medical issues such as arthritis as it keeps your dog nice a cosy.

LASTING A LIFETIME: Mutt and Bailey has a long heritage and a belief that if you buy a quality tailored garment it needs to last, this is why when they have chosen the best type of material to use, which was settle on microfibre, not only did they use microfibre but they used a double layer to make this even more absorbent and even quicker to dry, reducing that nasty damp dog smell. Just as with your normal household towels this will wash in your home washing machine.

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